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Pixcavator Image Analysis Software  v.2.3

Digital image analysis and image manipulation. Analyze image content: automatically capture objects, find their locations and measurements, save the data to Excel. Simplify the image by removing objects as desired.

Smart Reader Image Analysis Library  v.alpha

The purpose of this library is to offer a set of tools to be used in document image analysis with a focus on questionaire and survey document

TRIO IAS (Image Analysis Studio)  v.1.0

Trio is an Image/video Analysis tool/framework that utilizes the JMF framework to explore image compression algorithms techniques. The framework utilizes image vision algorithms to make image analysis easier.

Medical image analysis  v.20120313

A framework + tools for manipulation on medical image

Pipeline Image Analysis for Cancer  v.1.0

This collection of software provides quantitative imaging biomarkers from dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI acquisitions.

TinyQuant  v.1.55

A miniature utility for gel image analysis. Useful for integrating densities of gel bands in 16 bit greyscale (PC or Mac format '.gel' or TIFF files) or 24 bit RGB TIFF images, and for converting these to 8 bit greyscale TIFFs. Also useful for

Image viewing and analysis  v.rc.1.0.1

Imview is an image display/image analysis package for Unix and Win32 basedon the Fast Light ToolKit (FLTK, also on

Theba image segmentation framework  v.1.0

Theba is a plugin-based image analysis framework for segmentation of and measurements on 3D and 2D images. Theba has a nice GUI that allows inspection and manipulation of the image and a wide range of plugins including segmentation.

PyElph  v.1.1

PyElph is an application specially designed for gel image analysis and phylogenetics. Now you can use this simple and accessible Python-based tool to explore all the images you need.

GelAnalyzer  v.2010a

Welcome to the website of freeware 1D gel electrophoresis image analysis software GelAnalyzer.

BLIM Toolbox  v.2.1

BLIM Toolbox is a collection of handy instruments that has been designed for the extraction and analysis of visual features in Argus images of the nearshore zone. The toolbox provides an implementation of the BarLine Intensity Mapper (BLIM)

Mango for Windows  v.2.3.2

Mango d-deOCt short for Multi-image Analysis GUI d-deOCt is a viewer for medical research images.

PictureRelate  v.2.5.1

PictureRelate compares pictures by similarity. Of course computers cant understand whats in a picture. Pattern recognition and image analysis has tried for many decades and has failed, so far. But there are some basic image properties that can be

BRAS  v.1.0

Image analysis program that extract the movements of the bacteria from digitised movies and data processing

CaspLab - Comet Assay Software Project  v.rc

CaspLab - Comet Assay Software Project Lab is a cross-platform image analysis software to measure level of DNA damage in SCGE (Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis) method called also comet assay

Auto PHLIP-ML  v.1.0.1

Auto PHLIP-ML automatically removes extraneous images from CLSM stacks. This iterative operation removes bias in the Otsu threshold calcualtion. Auto PHLIP-ML integrates with the image analysis program PHLIP by automatically creating the PHLIP-ML

GIIAF Microscopy Library  v.06022012

This project incorporates a suite of tools that aim to allow researchers within Griffith's Imaging and Image Analysis Facility (GIIAF) to efficiently and effectively provide secure, centralised, web-accessible data storage, management and

RoboRealm Extensions  v.1.0

RoboRealm Extensions are plugins to the RoboRealm application that allow you to extend RoboRealm in whatever way you need. RoboRealm is a powerful computer vision based application for use in machine vision, image analysis, and image processing

Starrynite  v.1.0

starrynite is an image analysis tool for tracking fluorescently-labeled nuclei during C. elegans

Steve, Simple Stenography Engine  v.2.0

Open Source Stenography engine usable from the command line. Uses various techniques for hiding and retriving stenographic information. Includes a small image analysis suite for detecting stenographic

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